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Our research Topics

We do research in the area of learning and talent development. Our specific fields of interest include  leadership and talent development for the digital age,  the use of technology for workplaces and schools, narrative theory (storytelling) for learning and leading, “the art of learning”, and the use of assessments to help people better understand their strengths. Here are some of our current research topics:

Teaching in Times of COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges for teachers, students, and families. What does effective and engaging teaching in these times look like? How does it impact the future of education? The more we look at these questions, the more opportunities we see to rethink and improve traditional teaching methodology and learning in a virtual world.

Stories for Learning and Talent Development

Stories can be one of the most powerful tools for learning. In fact, we cannot overestimate the meaning of stories. But why? What exactly are stories? If they are really so important, how can we benefit from them? How can we specifically use stories and storytelling lor leadership, learning, and talent development?

The Art of Learning

Whether it is Raffael's Accademia, Rodin's Thinker, or Cézanne's Still Life, our "art of learning" project looks at how artists have depicted learning or "heureka moments". What does that tell us about talent development? How has the art of learning changed over time? Does probably the "learning lie in the eye of the be-holder"? If so, who is the learner, who is the teacher? Is maybe art itself a "talent developer"? Is learning art and art learning? We want to extend the scope of talent development and learning to and through art and explore the common foundation of creativity, curiosity, and excellence.

Using Assessments for Learning and Growth

To learn effectively, we need to be aware of our strengths and know how we can use them to improve. We call this approach “strength-based learning“ and our guiding question for this research project is: how can assessments help us better identify and explore our strengths and use them for personal and professional growth?

Leading and Learning in a Digital World

The digital workplace: What will it look like? Will more people across the globe start to work remotely? What will the long-term consequences be? Will there be less traveling and more online collaboration? If so, what do we need in order to lead and learn?

Building Talent

This research project looks at the interplay of architecture and talent development. How do our spatial surroundings influence learning? How can we design and interpret space to foster talent development? From the architecture of universities and colleges to the setup of classrooms to the design of personal learning environments: what do research and literature tell us about it? What do leading architects in the field think? What is it we can do to optimally "build talent"?

Talking Talent

We regularly deliver talks, lectures and presentations on learning, leadership, and coaching across the globe.

Talks on Talent

At the 2018 Reunion of the Harvard Owner and President Management Program (OPM'49) in New Delhi, Professor Ehrhardt spoke about leadership and talent development in family owned businesses. At the 8th Muenchner Kreis/Growth Partner Networking Event "Growth and Internationalization of innovative companies in the ICT sector" with managers and entrepreneurs, Professor Ehrhardt showed how organizations can attract, develop, and retain top talent in times of digital transformation.

The “ABC of Narrative”

Stories are one of the most powerful tools for learning and talent development. Hear Matthias Ehrhardt speak at CoachX at the Institute of Coaching of McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate:
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Columbia Coaching Conference: Stories for Coaching and Learning

As interdisciplinary platform for science, research, and practice, the Columbia Coaching Conference takes place every two years in New York City. Matthias Ehrhardt is a regular guest speaker on the topics of communication ("Narrative Model") and talent development and their meaning and use in executive coaching.

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