We are entrepreneurs

Projects & Spin-offs

Sometimes our research leads us to discover new talent development solutions that have market potential. When this happens, we launch projects dedicated to refining and testing the efficacy of the solution’s business models. If these tests are successful, we license our findings, collaborate with our partners develop them, or start building new companies ourselves.

Our current projects and recent spin-offs

Can you apply Design Thinking, the most successful methodology for ongoing innovation, to leadership, learning and talent devlopment?

You can.
Would you like to better know, understand, and use your strengths, talents, and preferences? Get valuable and powerful feedback for you and your people?

The 360° feedback solutions by Cambridge Scientific might be just right for you.

Case study: Helping students and teachers in times of COVID

In March 2020, COVID-19 changed the educational landscape across the globe. We watched our children’s schools pivot to fully virtual learning scenarios, and while they executed it as well as anyone could, there were obvious hiccups. After seeing the struggles that teachers and children were experiencing with online learning, we wanted to help and find solutions. With a team of teachers, students, principals, superintendents, and educations scientist, we quickly began developing a series of training programs. After several successful iterations, and understanding that these challenges were here to stay, we decided to initiate a dedicated project under the umbrella of Designing Talent, one of our spin-offs that applies Design Thinking to leadership and learning, and called it Designing Talent for Schools. This new project is  already supporting dozens of schools and  is becoming a hub for insights, training, stories, and best cases on how to teach in times of COVID.

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