We are talent developers

“Blockbuster or flop?” That was the headline of our first article. It was about “Star Wars”. Suddenly, the movie was available to download (though it took several days). That was back in in the nineties, when the internet era had just begun. And it was the starting point for AUTORIS Research and Publications, a press agency for technology, education, and legal aspects of new media. 

Today, we do research, initiate projects, and build companies in the area of learning and talent development. 

Our team and 30+ research fellows closely monitor the latest insights, ideas, and publications on talent development and learning. In addition, we continually communicate with leading experts, universities, and other scientific institutes. 

We regularly initiate research projects and run a lab to test and optimize our ideas and concepts. When our research leads us to discover new talent development solutions or business models that have further market potential, we continue to develop these in cooperation with partners, license them, or start building new companies ourselves.

Our findings and solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies, family businesses, start-ups, VC and PE firms, consultants, and coaches. We also work with leading business schools.

AUTORIS was founded by Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt in 1998 and this is what still drives us: to use scientific insights and create solutions that help people thrive.